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8 Budget Friendly Tools to Supercharge Your MarTech Stack

Today, we present eight easy-to-use, budget friendly, and ultra intelligent tools to integrate into your MarTech stack that will transform your Marketing team into a well-oiled machine and make it the envy of your organization.

Introduce one or more of these tools into regular rotation with your marketing automation platform and CRM and there’s no doubt you and your team will gain incredible efficiencies you didn’t even know were possible.

Let’s jump in.

1. Zapier

Integrate and Automate—No Coding Required

Simply put, Zapier is a workflow automation tool that allows you to easily connect and integrate the apps you and your team use to be more efficient day-to-day.

For Marketers, the possibilities are endless, but here a few examples of amazing integrations created for our clients using Zapier:

  • Seamlessly hand off inbound leads via a Marketo form to the sales team in Salesforce

  • Instantly log brand mentions on Twitter in a Google Sheet for easy record keeping and analysis

  • Automatically begin a nurture stream in HubSpot when a prospect registers for a webinar via GoToMeeting

  • Trigger a Slack message to the inside sales team when a prospect passes a lead scoring threshold

Zapier connects thousands of apps, and it’s 100% free to use for up to 100 tasks per month. There’s no doubt it will become your go-to platform in no time flat.

Start Automating →

2. Klipfolio

Simply the best dashboarding tool on the market

Klipfolio is the hidden gem of the analytics world. Sure, you’ve built dashboards for your marketing programs in HubSpot, Salesforce, Google Analytics, or just plain old Excel, but have you ever been able to pull data in real time from all your platforms and combine them into one beautiful marketing performance dashboard? No, of course not. Enter Klipfolio.

Like Zapier, Klipfolio is able to easily integrate with all the tools in your MarTech stack. No coding skills or API knowledge necessary. You can easily pull data from your key sources and create spectacular dashboards for your team’s KPIs. Use the pre-built templates or create your own. Their customer support is superb and available to help with even the smallest task.

At only $49 / month, this is an absolute steal!

Start Dashboarding →

klipfolio digital marketing dashbaord


3. Email On Acid The Most Comprehensive Pre-Deployment Email Checklist

Time and again, we hear from our clients that Email On Acid is the ultimate companion to their email campaigns. Why? Because time- and resource-strapped teams can depend on EOA to test and preview their emails across dozens of desktop and mobile clients to ensure they’re delivered 100% as intended.

Create your email development checklist, test, edit, and analyze in a snap. “The Basics” plan, at only $73 / month, will make email creation whizzes out of your team in no time.

Amp Up Your Email →

4. NeverBounce Your Email Deliverability Workhorse

Great. Your email checklist is complete and you’re ready to send. But wait! How accurate is your email database? If it’s large, on the older side, or if it includes a list purchased from a third party provider, it’s likely that a good percentage of email addresses are outdated or simply incorrect. So what?

Under these circumstances, your emails have a high likelihood of bouncing. The more bouncebacks, the greater chance you’ll be labeled as a spam sender. This can be devastating for deliverability down the line.

NeverBounce verifies your email database for accuracy in real time so that you can scrub and clean the list for maximum deliverability. It plugs directly into the most popular email platforms like HubSpot, Marketo, and MailChimp with ease. The best part? It’s only $0.005 per email address up to 100,000 addresses, and cheaper from there.

Start Scrubbing →

5. Unbounce Quick and Easy Custom Landing Pages

Let’s face it. You didn’t hire anyone for your team because of their amazing HTML, CSS, or JavaScript skills. So why are your talented marketers getting dragged into coding vortexes to build your campaign landing pages?

Unbounce puts all the power of landing page creation into the hands of the marketing team without the need for any coding knowledge. Their drag and drop lead-gen templates and strong integrations with HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, and Salesforce make it the perfect tool to get your team out of the coding doldrums and into focusing on high quality demand generation. Plans begin at $79 per month for 75 fool-proof landing pages.

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6. Page Analytics (Chrome Extension, by Google) Website Engagement Visualization and Heat Mapping at Your Fingertips

If you use Google Analytics to track your website, blog, or landing pages—and you almost certainly do—the Page Analytics extension for Google Chrome is a must have. Once enabled, you gain the ability to visualize exactly where visitors clicked and didn’t click on your web properties, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of engagement. Use these insights to optimize your UI, UX, and copy to drive more conversions.

Good news. It’s 100% free, always and forever.

Get the extension here →

google page analytics screen

Source: Google Chrome Web Store

7. Airtable Your ultimate editorial calendar, for free!

Whether you’re engaged in lead nurturing, cold email outreach, social media, PPC, or blog creation, content marketing is your fuel. Airtable acts as your trusty editorial calendar to ensure you have a solid content pipeline on track and on time.

While many organizations rely on a large and clunky spreadsheet to manage their calendar, Airtable’s beauty is in its cost and its out-of-the-box templates. For $0 / month (yes, $0!) you get all the functionality you need to build an incredible editorial calendar from a fully loaded and easy-to-use template. Filter by due dates, topics, statuses, categories, authors, you name it. You’ll get up and running in a snap and never look back.

View Our Example Content Pipeline Template

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Get The Template and Start Building

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8. Groove

The Gateway to Sales + Marketing Alignment

Groove is a sales enablement platform built for use by sales team members. With capabilities similar to many marketing automation tools, such as Marketo and Hubspot, it gives sales teams the ability to manage their email and phone correspondence with prospects and clients in a simplified way that’s easily integrated with Salesforce.

And which team is generating the leads and has experts in marketing automation and communications? Bingo! Marketing. Starting at nearly half the price of the most popular sales automation platforms, Groove is the perfect entry point for revenue teams looking to create true and meaningful collaboration between sales and marketing so that neither practice lives in a silo and both can work smarter to scale and increase revenue.

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