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MAP Implementation

Work With Nomad To Do A Full-Scale Implementation Of A Marketing Automation Platform

$10k Flat-Fee

Database Up to 30k

$18k Flat-Fee

Database Up to
30k - 100K

$25k Flat-Fee

Databases Up to


Database Over

Let's Build Your MAP Instance

Whats Included?

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“Working with Nomad has drastically improved our ability to scale and support the daily requirements of the global marketing teams. I consider the Nomad team as an extension of our internal marketing operations team. Their consultants are very knowledgeable with Marketo and have helped us implement processes and best practices that will support our continued growth.”

Sara Greer
Director of Marketing Operations

Here Are The Clients Who Work With Us
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Marketing Automation Platform Implementation

Services Include


Salesforce Integration

Nomad will ensure that the proper connection is created between your MAP and Salesforce.

New Asset Creation

Nomad will create new email and landing page templates based on the short- and long-term needs. This includes creating customized layouts, headers, footers, and CTAs.

Lead Scoring

Nomad will create a lead scoring program following industry specific best practices that accounts for both activity and demographic information. 

Third Party Integration 

Nomad will integrate all third party tools from your current tech stack

Asset Recreation

Nomad will recreate landing pages and emails in your new instance. All forms, documents, and buttons will also be created.

Workflow Migration

Nomad will recreate all existing workflows. This includes both front-facing (i.e. email triggers) and back-end (i.e. lead routing and qualifying action) workflows.

Lead Segmentation

Nomad will create lead segmentations based on business needs. Segmentations can be created using a variety of information, including lead, account, opportunity, or sales activity data.


Nomad will conduct a 4-hour workshop with the marketing team to provide a walkthrough of the overall configuration, how to create new campaigns, and best practice training.

Site Integration

Nomad will work with the site team to ensure that the platform’s tracking code is on all site pages.  Nomad will create, implement, and test new forms to replace the existing forms.

Subscription Center

Nomad will build out a sophisticated, GDPR-compliant subscription center for all leads. Additionally, all opt-in/out information will be migrated.


Nomad will build a standard set of marketing reports including email performance, landing page performance, influenced revenue and site traffic analysis.

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What Our Clients Say

When I started, I was a team of one. But I quickly realized I was actually a team of two.

We Implement & Admin The Following Platforms


Optimize Your Marketing Ops With Nomad.

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