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Meet Nomad

We're a tight-knit group of marketing operations experts who geek out on helping B2B businesses transform the way they engage and position themselves within their market. We have 30+ years of combined industry experience and have dedicated our careers to creating smart and salient solutions.


Ari started Nomad with the mission to change consulting and the utilization of marketing operations at companies. Nomad is the first consulting firm to transform into a monthly subscription model, and Ari believes it will be the future of consulting. Ari is responsible for Nomad's growth and continues to carve out space for the marketing operations function at all companies along with its place in the consulting world.

Arianna Cignarale


As the leader of Nomad’s Marketing Operations Team, Thomas is responsible for the oversight of all functions of our client services. Having lead marketing operations at companies ranging from 200-20,000 employees, Thomas is using his experience to pave the way for a new age in Marketing Operations. Thomas founded Nomad to help companies implement sustainable solutions to complex organizational requirements.

Thomas Rosen

Meet the Nomad Team

Lu Enstad

Marketing Operations Consultant

Nomad’s first hire, Lu, brings 8+ years of marketing operations experience from a number of B2B tech companies. Lu is solution-focused and approaches every project as an opportunity to get creative. Lu specializes in implementations and building the most intricate and innovative models yet. If you can dream it, chances are Lu can build it. Projects include: advanced funnel architecture, complex lead scoring models, custom routing rules and logic. Lu isn’t just a beast at MOPs, in her free time you can find her laying it all out on the football field.


Steph Adamcik

Marketing Operations Associate

Steph is a natural-born marketer. She is drawn to the use of marketing campaigns to nurture client relationships and generate business but more importantly, she likes to see the results. She loves the art of building a perfect campaign: beginning with email creation through building the ROI reporting. Off the clock she spends her time putting 3x the garlic called for in her recipes...its an Italian thing you wouldn’t get it. She can always find the time to pet a dog, queue up the right song, or grab a drink(s).


Justin (1).png

Justin Morris

Marketing Operations Consultant

Justin has 7+ years in marketing operations within the B2B landscape, ranging from tech companies to non-profits. He is a creative yet analytical thinker who loves collaborating with sales and content teams to help them make the best data driven decisions to generate and accelerate leads through the pipeline. Some of his favorite projects to work on include lead scoring, funnel design, lead routing, and sales enablement. Justin loves to travel and is a big foodie. If you're traveling to an exciting destination and looking for a fun place to grab dinner or a drink, he can probably give you a recommendation.

Chloe Rollock

Marketing Operations Associate

Chloe’s a data nerd and likes to solve problems, unsurprisingly, she stumbled into Marketing Operations and Nomad. Chloe has expanded her expertise in HTML coding, data management and attribution reporting. Born and raised on the twin-island Trinidad and Tobago, you can always find her at the local Caribbean bar on the weekends, aka Island Time. A huge lover of TV and movies, Chloe can give great recs if you’re looking for something new to binge.

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