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Case Studies
Case Studies

What It's Like Working With Nomad

Fivetran Discovering
the Need to Automate

As a company experiencing hyper-growth, Fivetran needed to find a partner whose expertise they could rely on--- and quickly.

Nadia Finding A Trusted Partner

Nadia needed an agency with the technical expertise to manage her demand generation campaigns and the accountability to allow her to focus on strategic priorities.

IkeGPS Building a Sophisticated Selling Engine

IkeGPS was a growing company with a need to build out true marketing and sales ops but limited internal bandwidth to do so.

Channel99 Investing Early in Marketing Operations

Channel99 knew they wanted to build out a robust marketing operations infrastructure early on, but didn’t want to hire internally given the company’s early stage

Tricentis Discovering The Need for Experts

Having a global team to support and minimal marketing operations resources, Tricentis was looking for a partner that could help get programs out the door immediately.

Tenable Creating Scale for Sustainable Growth

Tenable was a public company without the marketing operations infrastructure to continue scaling in a sustainable way.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Nomad has been an indispensable resource for our marketing and rev ops team. Their industry knowledge is unmatched, and they have been critical in optimizing our systems and processes. They truly feel like an extension of my internal team and are awesome to work with on day-to-day projects or on longer-term strategies. I would highly recommend them!

Sara Greer
Director of Marketing Operations, Outsystems

Optimize Your Marketing Ops With Nomad.

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