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More than 100+ years of combined Marketo experience. Our NYC-based team represents some of the best minds in marketing operations and can support you in making the most out of Marketo. Find out more here.

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“Working with Nomad has drastically improved our ability to scale and support the daily requirements of the global marketing teams. I consider the Nomad team as an extension of our internal marketing operations team. Their consultants are very knowledgeable with Marketo and have helped us implement processes and best practices that will support our continued growth.”

Sara Greer

Director of Marketing Operations

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"Working with Nomad has enabled us to take our marketing operations to the next level. They bring a broad range of experience and skills and are always on hand to assist and get involved in new projects."

Amy Baird

Senior Marketing Program Manager

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“When I started, I was a team of one. But I quickly realized I was actually a team of two. I had Lu there to help me get through all my objectives and I couldn’t have done it without that support."

Marina Nelson

Former Director of Marketing Operations

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